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The Bela Brand was launched in the Spring of 2021, by a team with over 20+ years experience within the Serviced Offices Industry. We saw how the industry was changing, how technology and socio-economic factors were driving these changes.

We were eager to provide a solution and to facilitate the rise of the next generation of office worker.

Bela Offices aims to offer a truly premium office experience, at key business locations, but at affordable prices and flexible lease terms. 


To Provide a Premium Office for Every Business

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption into new ways of working. Traditional brick and mortar businesses have been suffering during this period and were looking for a solution. Many companies could no longer afford to maintain these large overheads, but still needed to be seen and be present in key locations. We saw an opportunity to support the transformation of these conventional businesses.

Advancement in digital tools and online technologies, have enabled entrepreneurs to flourish and with it, the rise of many small businesses. These companies do not need the hassle of complex, inflexible corporate style lease terms. Instead, they are looking for a flexible partner, who can provide creative spaces to collaborate, so they can focus on growth. We want to empower these entrepreneurs and provide them with a premium facility to do so. 

Key business districts have a delicate balance to maintain within the ecosystem, between the old and new. The community are an integral part of the success for the area. Here at Bela, we strongly believe in giving back and working closely with the wider community, to support its existence and to maintain the network of relationships. This ensures clients are always in harmony with the area.

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