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Our facilities are installed and constantly updated with the latest tech, to enable maximum productivity and user experience.


Pair our tech with our dedicated support team and Bela will ensure a frictionless experience during any meeting or event.  

Next Gen Technology

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Bespoke Solution

Here at Bela, we offer a wide range of different room sizes and layouts, to fit most requirements.


Each room will be maintained to the Bela Standard with the added flexibility to work with our team to tweak according to branding requirements.  

 5_F Lounge – Bar 2_edited.jpg

Premium Hospitality

In order to create a sense of exclusivity, we have designed the common areas to be akin to a private members club.


We have also hand-picked vendors for any private catering needs, to ensure minimum standards are met.


Running promotional events and holding regular team meetings, are an essential part of growing any business. It is important that these facilities are adequately sized and fitted with the latest tech, to ensure a positive user experience.


Here at Bela we invest in the latest conference tools to meet the expectations of our premium customers.

We also appreciate that some companies will have unique requests to meet their branding or culture requirements. Our in-house service team are always on hand to discuss any special requests. 

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